Let’s Start Over



There is something quite cathartic about starting over. I was stuck for a long long time on what to do with this page. Not really happy with what the layout I made. So I took that down and put up a logo that I didn't really think was that good. All the while trying to figure out what do I want to do. So it just sat there. Dormant. Taking up it's 10kb of cyber space occasionally getting hits from people that had booked marked to an old article or accidentally clicked on an auto fill suggestion. It wasn't until I got an email saying that it was going to be really really expensive to renew what basically was nothing more than a splash page that I got to thinking about it again.

You see most of my work has been tied to specific shows, and those shows have a certain set of unspoken rules. Font's should be this, colors should be that, camera shots should look like this or move like that. Style guides. And thats all well and good for a show and very much needed. It makes you the viewer feel more comfortable sort of knowing what to expect. Or maybe in the case of Breaking Bad or something like that to expect the unexpected. But there are still rules and you don't often get to experiment too far outside of those style guides.


So I wanted to make something that lets me experiment a little more. 

A space to try and answer the questions I have everyday but don't have the time or the opportunity to try it out inside the day job. 

  • "What happens if you hold the camera this way?

  • "What if you edited a whole show in iMovie on your iPad?"

  • "What if you shoot everything on an iPhone?"

  • "Is 240fps better than 120fps?" 

  • "How do you make a tee-shirt?"

  • "Are stop-motions hard to do?"

You get the idea. So that's what this is. A space to try out new things. I'll do my best to document everything and from there maybe stumble upon more things to try out and continue the cycle.

I guess my point is there isn't a style guide here. I don't know when I'll post new things. I don't even know what those things will be. But the one constant I guess you can take with you is expect the un-expected. 


Expect the unExpected

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