How much camera do you really need?


How much Camera DO you really need?

I have a Pentax K200D. I picked it up in 2008 and it was my first DSLR camera. I went with Pentax over the traditional heavy hitters ( Canon, Nikon, Sony ) as at the time it was A. What I could afford. And B. Had a lot of specific features that I thought were more valuable in a camera. Weather sealing ( its basically water proof ) In body shake reduction. 10 MegaPixels which was huge to me at the time. And was powered on run of the mill AA batteries. Which made it super convenient to travel with. ( when you’re in a Jeep in the middle of Africa its WAY easier to find AA batteries than to find Lithium Ion's or an outlet for that matter )  

So this was my go to camera for years. In fact it still is. I’ve traveled the world with this guy and he’s never let me down. But like most people that are tech obsessed I found myself with camera envy. Pentax went full frame and 36MP and that sounds awesome. Canon is finally jumping into 4K video and EF lenses are on almost every cinema camera available today so making a switch would be a wise long term investment. Sony can shoot 120FPS video, a feature that is only in the highest of high end in Canon. Not to mention a flip out screen ( which how did that not become standard on all DSLRs? ) 

But I couldn’t seem to bring myself to drop thousands of dollars on new gear. I would look on B&H’s website add things to the cart then just erase them. I repeated this process over and over and over. And there really wasn’t a reason. I had some fun money put aside. I knew I was thinking about starting up this page again and having some video to go on it would be cool. But I just kept asking myself “Are you REALLY going to carry it everyday?”  The saying goes the best camera is the one you have on you. And my phone is literally always on me. So that got me wondering how far can you go on an iPhone? 

I recently got back from Russia and it was by far one of the best trips I’ve ever taken. Siberia in January is a wild time and If you get the chance, go for it. But that whole trip my go to camera was my iPhone. It was smaller, lighter, I could use it with my gloves on. Batteries lasted all day and when I wanted to I could shoot some video or I could share the trip with my family back home in almost real time. It was the ease of being able to create something and share it that was really really fun. And honestly its no slouch of a camera either. Lets take a quick look at the specs.

It’s got a 12MP sensor, 1.8 aperture lens, it shoots 4K at 60fps or 240fps in 1080. That’s double the FPS of a Sony FS7 or Canon 1DX. And when I want to review what I just captured a 5in Retina display is pretty nice. It’s really a pretty nice package and the best part. It’s always in my pocket. 

Its super easy to get held up when trying to make something. We all have this conversation at some point. “If I only had that camera I could (insert dream here)” I think things like that all the time. But you're walking around with a camera every day. Why not use it everyday?

I know there are differences in quality in sensor size, bitrates, lenses etc. But those lines are a little blurrier now. You can do a lot with a little. Reaching an audience is easier than ever. And you probably have a really great camera in your pocket right now. So how much camera do you need?

Let me know in the comments below what your shooting on. What the dream camera package for you is. And what you'd recommend to people. 

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